While in the initial design of this study gender was not a prominent factor, a quick look at the sample required a change of plan. Men appear as the leading characters, and in many cases as the only characters, in 24 out of the 30 videos. Moreover, of the 7 non-masculine videos, 3 feature un-gendered animals and one a dancing banana.
from an actually published, academic paper about what makes a Youtube video go viral. Key takeaway: un-gendered animals and dancing bananas.

what working in advertising teaches you about life

It’s been an entire six months working in the ad biz, and I’ve learned quite a bit. In a weird way, a lot of what goes down within these walls has taught me some great little lessons about life. Today, I’ll cover one:

Rejection happens constantly. And that’s cool. I get rejected every hour in the work day except for maybe lunch. I’ll present an idea or script to a creative director, and they’ll almost always have feedback.

"I like where your head’s at, but try this.” “Meh, not quite working for me.” “Nice thought, but not quite there yet.” “Nope, try again.” 

At first, it sucked. But when rejection happens so frequently, you quickly get used to it and learn to get over it. You process the feedback and promptly move on. You’ve got to, it’s survival: Otherwise you’ll be a delicate little flower and no one will take you seriously.

Guess what? That’s what happens in life, too! Whether it’s a job interview, a store not having your shirt size, a girl, whatever, there’ll always be rejection and you just gotta let it glide over you and keep on truckin’.

Because when I do finally get that oh-so-coveted “Yes, awesome script, Hassan, this is great! You are so handsome and funny and charming and talented!” it makes all that rejection so worth it. And that validation WILL happen, in ad-life and in life-life. (Occasionally, that job will hire you or they’ll have that perfect shirt in exactly your size and all will be right in the world!)

It just takes time, patience, and a backbone.

Winners for this year:

Butterfinger, "Couples Therapy"

Heinz, "Happy" (i.e. grandma’s farting ketchup bottle)

Budweiser, "Puppy Love"

Bud Light, "Up For Whatever" (full disclosure, our agency BBDO made this one)

Volkswagen, "Wings"

Cheerios, "Gracie" (i.e. cutest little girl ever in the whole world EVER negotiates a pet)

Microsoft, "Empowering"