Youtube, ditch the “dislike” button!

Mini-rant time: I don’t get why there’s a “Dislike” button on Youtube. It isn’t helping anyone. It isn’t helping society. It isn’t making the internet a friendlier place. It’s just making it easier to anonymously diss someone. 

"Hassan, where’s all this coming from?!" Well, I just watched a few vids of amateur musicians doing some AWESOME covers of songs — like people in their bedroom recording the songs with their webcams — and I looked over and saw that multiple people have "disliked" the videos. Eff that!

Now, I get that viewers have the right to voice their opinion and blah blah blah, but seriously c’mon. People are putting themselves out there, recording songs for fun to put online, and yet viewers feel the need to voice their public “dislike”? In a perfect world, it’d just be a “Like” button and if you hate the video, you just don’t click “Like.” Simple as that.

I know this is my hippie P.O.V. here, but I just think the internet is already fucked up with negativity as it is, and we could all use a little more support for one another rather than knocking each other down. 

[Deep breath out]. Okay, I’m done…